Thursday, December 11, 2008

What to do with Pakistan

Mumbai’s terror has left the country in a rage and the government with a hobsons India and Pakistanchoice. While the US actually does not know what to do and how far to go on ‘somebody else’s” terror problem, Pakistan is playing the usual hide and seek game that its establishment is very well known for.

Despite the strong reaction from India and Indians, Pakistan is bent on doing what it knows best. Hoodwink the world with cosmetic exercises which have no meaning and which are relegated to the dustbin with passage of time

What the terror has done
The terror has left everyone shaken including the most vociferous Pakistani culture-exchange and sports-hardy supporters. It wasn’t about bombs detonating in buses and trains. It wasn’t simply about ghatkopar, nagpada or such other suburban wail renting the air. This terror has now crawled up the skin of the net worthy and the sound of the scream is far louder.

Suddenly the eliteindian corporates have caught up with the bomb scaredom. It was never their moment of grief because the common man in the street was too common for them to be grieving. The captains of industry and the corporate biggies hardly took notice when bombs were ripping through cities, trains, buses or near bystanders awaiting a bus. But today they are fuming, as this time, the places of terror were designed with the rich and mighty in mind.

While the wounds will take time to heal, the so called Pakistani friendship champions will soon emerge from their self imposed current exile. They will scout for a lawyer for the dreaded terrorist who was caught. They will argue his sad need for non-vegetarian food in custody, his need for a television to avoid being in solitude, an Ipod and preferably a cell phone with lifetime validity( they want his life to go on forever). They will simply forget the terror and brandish their high selling “human rights’ products. However this time around they might find some resistance in their own ranks. And the battle should be interesting to watch. Some mud-slinging hopefully.

However the Mumbai terror saga has put terror in focus to almost every strata of Indian society for the first time. From the chief corporate honchos to the scavenger in the street, terrorism is now a very big threat. In this situation it would be interesting to see how India handles Pakistan in this very precarious state of affairs.

Pakistan government a dummy vs army
Firstly Pakistan is itself a lawless country ruled by whoever pleases at whichepakistan armyver time. Camouflaged by a toothless elected government, Pakistan is only ruled by its army. It is the start and end of Pakistan. Whoever comes in its way is halal meat. The Pakistan government is a mimic clown, a curtain to talk to the world. Their toothless President and spineless Prime Minister do not know when their last minute in those chairs will be. They are living on the edge and will never go against their army’s will, as it would mean suicide.

The single agenda that the Pakistani army and their cohorts the ISI have is to destroy India . All their energies are spent in that direction. India has no chance to negotiate with the fanaticism of the Pakistan army. They are a rabid force.

What should India do
India should therefore treat Pakistan as a terrorist state. Our media should openly refer to Pakistan as “ the terrorist state”. Every business forum, every international forum, every sports forum, every social forum. Anywhere and everywhere we need to refer to Pakistan as “ the terrorist state of Pakistan”. The caption should resonate all over the world

However we should not fall into the trap of a war with Pakistan. They don’t have any economy worth their name. They are extremely jealous of India’s progress. On one side their army is being forced against their will to fight the American cause of terror by fighting their own friends, the Taliban. So they want to provoke India to react with war so that they can divert all their army towards the Indian army and get away from their punishment of fighting the Taliban. Their army owns most of pakistans resources and so they being well off, are not concerned about their citizens and their citizens seem to be well charmed with their army. So let their honeymoon with each other take them to their own hell.

In India , we must ban the groups who love to associate with Pakistan and broadly there are four categories.

(1) The art, music craft and books lobby who think that the best way to deal with Pakistan is to sing and dance with them. So what if their gun is on our heads. This is art. It has a different nationality.

(2)The second category is of the people who migrated from Pakistan during partition. Their memories, their linen, their clothes and their toothbrush is still back there and they want to constantly go and see them to remain happy in their last days. They still miss those qillas, the kotas and the halwas and want their hallucinations to survive the modern times.

(3) The thirdindia pakistan cricket category is of our cricket board. With the world at their feet, the BCCI does not need to piggy back a poverty-stricken Pakistan cricket board . Yet you will see that our BCCI supports the PCB at all forums as if their cricket is completely insulated from their army and their establishment. Why does India need to support Pakistan in cricket? Are they our thick friends that we should be interested in their cricket welfare? Or should we use every opportunity to ensure that cricket in Pakistan rots just like the bodies of those nine terrorists butchered by our commandos?

(4) The fourth category is the most indignified of the lot. It is our film industry. While it may not be the entire film industry, there are plenty of morons in the whole pack of filmstars and filmmakers who want to forge filmy relations with Pakistan and who find Pakistan a tempting market too difficult to ignore. Some of them also go to dubai to sing and dance like whores of the terror mafia hiding in Pakistan.

These four categories of people needs to be exposed and completely banned by the general public. They are actually working against India and should be ashamed of their beliefs.

We should completely shut Pakistan as if we were shutting the door on stinking garbage. Boycott Pakistan completely at all levels ,in all aspects. All art, music, sports,economy, commerce, or other shoulder holding activities. Pakistan is a fundamentalist sick state which has done too much of damage to us. We cannot afford to carry on pretending that we are not affected anymore.

We need to fight this battle on our own. The international community is a hypocrite. They jump only when they get hurt themselves and in their own country. Going by the scale of the Mumbai terror, all the anti-terror countries and their external affairs ministers should have camped in Pakistan to push that rogue nation to comply in weeding out all the terror worms responsible for the Mumbai terror and importantly hand them over to india. But instead they are still twiddling slowly and getting carried away by pakistan’s cosmetic exercises. One wonders what such a relaxed approach will achieve.

Pakistan and their army, ISI and their woefully fanatic media are constantly seeking proof from India about their involvement. India should never fall into this trap of providing them any more proof and in the bargain divulge strategic and vital information. Whatever proof has been provided all these years in all the terror attacks sponsored by Pakistan would probably fill a museum and with the whole world viewing Pakistan as a terrorist nation, they are making a mockery of themselves by asking for proof.

Finally for long lasting peace in the region and the world, Paksitan should be split into many nations. A unified Pakistan is a big threat. It should be dismembered and without resorting to civilian harm our intelligence should strain every resource to achieve this goal.


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