Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Deal with Terror first. Cricket can wait!

The dastardly attack against our country has brought to the fore the uneasy and ever suspicious relationshiEngland cricket teamp with Pakistan back to the limelight. While the English cricket team cut their forgettable ( in cricketing terms) one day tour on mere sound of gunfire over television from as far as cuttack, they will actually smile to themselves and in their heart probably thank their stars for the truncated one day tour. After all a 5-0 pentawash is better than a 7-0 thrashing.

The debate over the England’s test tour of India is regularly filling up sports pages with to and for testimonials, proposing their dose of advice as if England never faced a terror situation. The same terror apparatus is probably working in India cricket fanthe silence of Englands' social dumbness like it is working silently in the cacophony of the Indian street. The only difference arguably however is the determined English intelligence which is better motivated and equipped to weed out the worms before they turn into anacondas. Having said that the threat of terror is something England should consider as a probability affecting most nations including their own. However they need to ensure that they are fully satisfied with the security apparatus to take care of their cricketers. If not they have a right to demand more. If India fails to provide them with the security level that they demand, the English should simply refuse without any guilt and fight their case with the ICC as being a tour deserving to desert for there is no reason superceding the threat to the life of human beings .

The Mumbai terror carnage, however, has the potency to leave Pakistan cricket in the cold. And that would be a just reward for the brute actions of their countrymen. Australia, New Zealand , England and South Africa sneeze at the very mention of a tour to Pakistan. Add India to that list and Pakistan will be left with the lucky hope of playing countries such as Bangladesh , Zimbabwe , Srilanka and a lowly West Indies. Over the last one year the Pakistani players have not played any test cricket and hopefully they will not see any kind of cricket in their country until their dog-headed military regime ( the government in power is a useless tool) understands that Islamic militancy is a toy they are playing for far too long.

If India has any self respect, we should shun any kind of cricket with Pakistan. All our friendly advances have been met with the treachery of a traitor and a willful butcher. While our countrymen are slaughtered by military sponsored mercenaries of this rabid nation, one third our size, why should we even consider to be the goody goody neighbours for so long? Instead India should find ways to ensure destabilization of Pakistan without resorting to civilian harm. The PCB should no longer be treated with the same regard as earlier and all cricketing relations with Pakistan should come to a halt. Players from Pakistan should also not be allowed to play in the Indian Premier League. In short ban them, their goods, their trade, their promises. Just shut it on their face like a door slammed hard. Do it when the iron is hot. For Pakistan has very few supporters left.

It is terror that India needs to deal with. Cricket and its bunnies can wait. Cricket is a game of pleasure watched from the comforts of the bedroom or the lustily cheering stands. It is the desirable veCricket fanshicle of corporates to force their brand image, the betting lobby’s million dollar booty , the television channels lakhs-a-minute tariff card, the cricketers’ route to stardom and an absolute waste of my precious hours during which I heaved, sighed, calculated, jumped, tore my hair and at the end of it all whoever won or lost, I recovered my senses only to have lost my valuable time to the lure of a mere game.

Such a wasteful exercise can wait. Dealing with terror cannot. India’s current situation is too urgent. It needs to use whatever resource and intelligence it can pool to deal with terror urgently like a pregnant woman has to deal with imminent labour. For nothing comes above human life. Certainly not a cricket tour to a diseased country like Pakistan.


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