Tuesday, December 9, 2008

India’s reluctance to enforce tough terror laws

Lawlessnessterror suspects in our country is a way of life for our breed of elected representatives as mentioned in my previous post. How to mend, mould and melt the law is a prerogative which they enjoy, most often without being taken to task. The citizen is therefore forced to bear the brunt of all their unlawful actions and sincerity to their job is a myth best reserved for books on school civics.

There are numerous laws and regulations which should have been enforced in independent India without malice. Good laws are so important for the country to govern and take its stride forward. However our politicians come in the way of all such noble ideas and the country is therefore willfully goaded into their state of thinking which is narrow, cheaply motivated and for mere selfish gains of various lobbies persistent in the country.

The reluctance to act decisively against terror is therefore not a mystery. It is a joke. We are mired in controversy and lazy indecisiveness on this one. While we need tough terror laws, the fear that is propagated is that such laws are misused by the political parties against each other for political gains rather than against terrorists. What a shame.

While TADA and POTA have died a miserable death due to its misuse by political parties for their own ulterior motives and selfishly vested interests, there seems to be absolute blindness as to how to stop them from doing so. Instead of having a brainstorming session on how to ensure that the political class does not misuse the law, our lazy politicians are instead dragging their feet on the laws and thrusting us, the common citizens to extreme risk.

It is therefore amply clear that our sufferings of terrorism are due to our political claterror suspectsss who have got all the time to do play their political games but have no time to work out tough laws which can nab, punish and reign fear in the terrorists to refrain from attacking at will.

No wonder Afzal Guru is making merry. He should actually be pardoned and our politicians be given the death penalty for their laxity on terror


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