Friday, December 5, 2008

The clowns of the mumbai terror aftermath

The latest clown in the aftermath of the Mumbai terror saga is Narayan rane, an opportunistic greedbox in the congress who gleefully watched the predicament of the outgoing and outwitted Chief Minister Mr Vilasrao Deshmukh as an opportunity for him to enter the rich ring.

Bereft of any knowledge , or ideas or clues to protect Mumbai, Narayan Rane joins the imbecilic bandwagon of Vilasrao Deshmukh who seemed to be mindlessly interested in thriller films blending with the Mumbai tragedy, RR patil who moronically, viewed the Mumbai terror as a small incident in a big city ( he sees only dancers in night bars as big issues in Mumbai), CM of Kerala, Atchutanandan ( or whatever his dogged name is) who senselessly insulted a soldiers' family who were in grief with scant concern and later gulped back his own words under pressure, Mukhtar Abbas naqvi who shamelessly trumpeted his spineless rhetoric on the post-terror protesters like an unemployed man with no issues to rant, Advani and Madam Scindia of Rajasthan who wasted no opportunity to use the Mumbai terror to their electoral speech, Manmohan and Sonia gandhi who failed to understand Mumbai's terror gripped situation and instead foisted their high-security presence on Mumbaikars becasue they did not want to lose in the political game let loose by an opportunistic Advani. Mindless other politicians have also tried to use the Mumbai terror for their own benefit without considering the gravity of the matter.

The only good thing coming out of any reshuffling seems to be the appointment of an intellectual like Mr P.Chidambaram to the position of the Home Minister. One may recall that Mr Chidambaram does not come with any political history, but was handpicked for the economic reform process by the late Mr. Rajiv Gandhi. Currently he looks to be the right man for the job and the congress for once has shown some common sense to elevate him to the position of the home minister as he has sense in his head to deal with the home department.

But what does an opportunistic babu like Mr Narayan Rane have in his head? obviously some wicked opportunity to pounce upon the CM’s position at a time of calamity. Do we need opportunistic rogues who have waited greedily in queue for the CM's post to occupy that position at such a testing time to paint mumbai red again? He should instead be shunted from the congress and made to sit in no mans land. Such people must never be allowed to be elected again. Parasites of our hard earned money, they only come like wolves for their piece of the pie and should therefore be shown the door the next time they come calling.

Hope Mumbai and Maharashtra is listening.


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