Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Antulay - a loose clown or a loose cannon?

There seems to be no shortage of clowns in our political class of India. The latest one to join the donkeyed wagon is the minister for Minority affairs Mr. A R Antulay who seems to be in a mood to piggy back the shameless and spineless media of “the terrorist state of Pakistan”.

While the whole world watched the Mumbai horror of 26/11 in disgust and anger, it seems Mr Antulay was saddled with his intelligent questions of how Mr Karkare and his two colleagues met with bullets of Pakistani terrorists. He aimfully links their death to the Malegaon probe and wants to paddle with an enquiry. In raising his fickle minded doubts Mr Antulay it seems has borrowed a leaf from the sick media of the “terrorist state of Pakistan” who fantasize the Mumbai terror to be the work of Hindu-Zionists.

Such comments from a senior politican like Mr Antulay show the utter sense of betrayal towards the country’s fight against terrorism and is a way of playing into the gallery of the enemy. By making such baseless comments is Mr Antulay trying to project ‘the terrorist state of Pakistan” to be innocent? Or is he trying to shield the Lashkar-e-taiba and the Jamat-ud-dawa from Indian prosecution? Instead does he want a probe to prosecute Hindus from India for the Mumbai terror?

If this is not anti-nationalism, I wonder what is. It is a surprise that he is still a Minister in the Indian establishment and one hopes that better sense prevails on the Congress to shrug off this liability from their party . Such loose cannons are an embarrassment to the country.

The Big Indian

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