Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The favours done by 10 terrrorists from Pakistan

Call it our tragic irony or our luck in distress , but after the dust of the terror attacks subsiding a bit, it does seem that we can identify the favours done to the general Indian public by the mercenaries from the terrorist state of Pakistan(TSP).

Bomb blasts in markets and bustops, in buses and trains had almost become a part of life for our Indian establishment. They had woefully got used to it. It was as if they always expected the next to happen anytime. All intelligence was cast aside as “ non-actionable” ( an euphemism for our intelligent laziness) untill the strike dealt a telling blow. And the pain had become bearable for our establishment. It did not change their way of looking at terror. There was no motivation to beef up our intelligence. It was as if the Indian citizens were pawns at the mercy of the laziness of bureaucracy which had mercifully seeped into our intelligence

Our outgoing home minister had become habituated to the terror blows being delivered from old fanatics in Pakistan and from newly emerging terror boys within our own country. His speeches were ready-to-deliver and he ranted the same lines before waiting cameras as if the people of the country were eagerly awaiting his rattle like an urgent task which he had to undertake by speaking out his spineless mind. Only speeches. No strategies or actions . The media had begun to mock him freely and some even played all his post-blast speeches in series to display his redundance of sense. “ we will find them, take them to task and punish them” were lines he must have memorized for the media emergencies so much that they always escaped his lips without any provocation.

Our entire establishment it now seems is very tardy. Our intelligence is mired in its internal bickerings and a former security advisor now claims that our intelligence network lacks mere co-ordination. There seems to be no benchmarks for actionable or non-actionable intelligence and it obviously looks like a job in the hands and mercy of the beholder. The contagious bureaucratic attitude of passing the buck and restricting to one’s own business seems to have taken a toll on our intelligence agencies and its vendors. Everyone was apparently happy at doing their own job and while the ISI were co-ordinatedly writing our obituary in Pakistan their counterparts in India seem to have been engaged in their own departmental battles. Our Intelligence as many sources claim is only namesake. Everyone inside merely does his/her job and no one is really bothered whether the purpose for which they are constituted as an agency is really fulfilled.

The Mumbai terror has shaken these babus of intelligence before claiming a few other heads like the CM and dy Cm of Maharashtra and the overdue-in-retirement home minister Shivraj Patil . It has brought to the fore our complete mess of logistics to face a terror situation, Our absolute failure at reaching our commandos after a delay of over 9 hours, our fire fighting equipment found wanting, our police and ATS equipped with substandard bullet-happy jackets , complete lacunae in our coast line security and above all our complete intelligence failure which is the most alarming.

All these have come to light because of the Mumbai terror attacks.. Today the babus are being targeted as the ones who without effiency would face the door as well. It is time our intelligence agencies are also taken to task for all their follies. After all there needs to be an accountability. The lives of so many citizens have been snuffed out due to mere negligence and their families are left to cope with the loss. But the ones at fault are still at the same job. They need to be pulled and uprooted from their position if necessary. India has to show the world that it is not as soft as it has so far been.

Else, the next attack is simply waiting to happen.


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