Monday, December 8, 2008

Lawlessness of our politicians leading to our decay

The Mumbai terror was another chilling reminder to the citizens of India about the level of consideration the politicians of our country have for security and safety of its citizens.

While the Mumbai terror carnage opened a new chapter of citizens openly voicing ferocious criticism of politicians of all colours, the babus of our country don’t seem to be affected even marginally. They are used to our chronic forgiveness of their dirty exploits and are well aware that memory of the public is short. They are therefore able to regain lost ground faster than we lose our agitational frame of mind.

The lawlessness has reached alarming levels and our leaders who are our lawmakers are the foremost lawbreakers The lawlessness of our politicians is something that we have taken for granted. We are all aware of the corruption quotient of our politicians and our elected leaders who brazenly plunder the government exchequer with regular impunity without being caught. If caught, the maze of judicial enquiries, political colour change and deliberate destruction of evidence are shocking yet known means of their smart acquittals. It is a helpless situation because they themselves frame the laws and trample upon them first. If the common man does the same he can pay for it for the rest of his life unless he has similar political or financial clout to help him.

Goa is the probably the most viciously corrupt state in India with politicians being bought and sold like vegetables. And then you see them with portfolios such as home, education, health, weights and measures, financé, PWD, tourism etc. What justice can breakers of the law do to these portfolios? How is this going to end? Which trigger will help the elimination of our entire rotten political system which is full of rogues in its ranks?

The United states is a great democracy which gives due cfredibility to the portfolio by choosing people from the respective field who are experts or are an authority to act on a subject. Such people ar made ministers ( known as secretaries). They do not get elected. They are nominated by their sheer merit. In India a few like P.C. Chidambaram and a Manmohan singh were such intellectuals brought in to do such tasks. However our system is so hypocritical that these people need to be elected either by lok sabha or rajya sabha to retain their position. That effectively is our malady.

Our lawless leaders are the cause of all the ills affecting our great country and unless we see merit in the system of their appointment to justify those portfolios they hold, our country will always face threat from within and outside.

The Big Indian

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