Monday, December 8, 2008

India’s Electoral Circus 2008

The congress party seemingly won the battle against the BJP who tried their vainful best to derive mileage from the Mumbai terror attacks to influence the voters of rajastCongress symbolhan, Delhi, Chattisgarh, Mizoram and Madhya Pradesh. The poll plank of the BJP shifted from every conceivable issue affecting the common man and concentrated on the Mumbai terror attacks.

The Bjp chose to focus on these attacks as if they would bave done a better job had they bBJP symboleen in power. It might have helped them in influencing some of their voters but the majority could see through their poll plank and therefore they have been punished. The congress is no saint and although they won , one hopes that the common man will teach them a lesson if they fail to live up to their expectations.

Politicians need to fulfill the people’s demands and not further their own interests. The ruling party should strive its best to help, upgrade and save the life of the common citizen and the oppositioBSP symboln should be a meaningful opposition who opposes issues on merit and not opposing any damn issue just because they want to make noise that their party is existing. Such is our case in India and that is the reason nothing concrete happens. Both parties have enough of rogues to get the country on its knees. Instead we have to work hard to keep these politicians on their toes

Good response from the citizens of the country who did not get swayed by stupid senseless rhetoric of our babus

Complete result tally
Rajasthan 200 seats
Congress 96
BJP 78
Others 20

Result :Congress wins Rajasthan from BJP rule

Delhi 69 seats
Congress 42
BJP 23
BSp 2
Others 2

Result :Congress wins and retains Delhi

Chattisgarh 90 seats
BJP 50
Congress 38
Others 0

Result : BJP wins and retains Chattisgarh

Mizoram 40 seats
Congress 32
Others 5

Result : Landslide victory for congress

Madhya Pradesh 230 seats
BJP 143
Congress 71
Others 9

Result : Victory for the BJP

Overall Result

Congress :3 states
BJP 2 states

May corruption be exposed in this term.


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