Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Mumbai terror and after

Mumbai is wounded and Indians are in mourning.The bleeding simply refuses to stop. Obituaries of the rich and the famous for once lie next to the wail emanating from Mumbai’s poor who were the larger quota from among the dead including the unsuspicious and tired travelers at the CST station. However this time it is no mere resentment from the mumbaikar. It is rage.

The guns and explosions raged for 60 hours but the echoes of the cries are far from over. The embers of the fire are still smouldering in the ashes of bitterness. Broken hearts, and shattered bangles, orphaned cries and stubborn goodbyes, , bloody stations and loss of patience are all Mumbai is left with. But this time around Mumbai and Mumbaikars are not resting on its oft repeated yet most agonizing reason of ‘resilience’ to bounce back. This time there is a strange air of resignation. They do not want the politicians to fall back on the resilience of the mumbaikar. Instead now they want these petty babus to prove theirs.

An angry Mumbai and an enraged country are asking for answers. Commanding actions. It is not pleading anymore. Threatening civil disobedience to refusal in paying taxes. You don’t hear that from the general public in India. Its not necessarily our style. But Mumbai’s silence has been taken for granted for far too long. Despite being the highest tax paying region of the country and despite it being the financial and social capital of a resurgent India, Mumbai is being attacked at the whims and fancies of marauders who ironically fed our intelligence with all the clues only to be ignored and then stamped their authority in the most audacious manner which left 200 dead, over 400 wounded among them many orphaned children, scores of widows and widowers , brutalized westerners and innocent jews and shook our sheer street confidence leaving two edifices of mumbais pride as our modern day’s Jallianwala baghs.

Thanks to the television and a hounding media apparatus, the fight against the terrorists exposed the establishment like adultery caught red handed. Our lack of mere response preparedness and our complete logistic mess in reaching our elite commandos to the site after a 9 ½ hour delay was seen by one and all over the world. Add to that the post operation callousness and idiotic verbatim of our elected representatives can only serve to boil more adrenalin against the politicians.

While the Dy CM of Maharashtra found the terror incident a small one in a big city, his elder colleague, the Chief Minister showed no remorse for his shameful act of parading his sons and plot-hungry filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma to thrill out a script of a tragedy of Mumbai and most possibly carve out a movie for the benefit of his son. He probably saw stardom and economic delight in the corpses of mumbai’s bloodbath. Narender Modi’s political exercise was rightly snubbed by Mr Hemant Karkare’s widow asking him to pocket back his political gimmicry and probably rewind his tongue for the shameful anti-hindu allegations he had made against the upright officer.

The Kerala Chief Minister found the much deserving humiliation meted out to him by the aggrieved father of our valiant hero major Sandeep Unnikrishnan too hard to digest and ended up insulting him without caring to see at his own face in the mirror which unfortunately resembles a canine. Mukhtar Abbas naqvi is the proverbial joker among the many in the BJP juggernaut. And he lived upto his reputation by labeling the post-operations protest march of the bitter mumbaikar as a march of a handful of lipstick happy women and tie strotting men. His sullied reputation did not deserve further condemnation and one hopes his face finds black whenever the mumbaikar desires. In Rajasthan and other parts of the country Vasundhara raje and Lal Krishna Advani have found the Mumbai terror saga too tempting to ignore at election meetings or party bashing conferences and have unabashedly begun the moronic political exercise to derive maximum advantage out of Mumbai’s grief. This despite the angry demands of countrymen to desist from doing so.

While all of us are rendered numb by this terror butchery, our politicians are finding it hard to conceal their wicked colors. While the media exposed their frailties for sensationalizing issues in which the common man is sacrificed, urging them to keep away, there seems to be no lessons learnt. Instead of coming together and planning a no-holds-barred action plan at eliminating the terror menace, at a time when we are facing our worst challenge the political gamesmanship does not seem to end. There is no demand for a revamp of the organizational or institutional change to tackle terrorism. The resignations and rotation of chairs seems to be their only chronic answer to every malaise . There seems to be a lackluster approach towards twisting Pakistan’s dirty arms and influencing the west of the enraged feeling in our country which is as similar to the feeling in the US in the aftermath of 9/11. However we all know how the US treated terror after 9/11. They are now in complete control.What about us? Can we confidently claim complete control? Or mumble our hypocrisy blatantly? The problem with our politicians is that they are used to “chalta hai” which will take many of us faster to our graves than our life insurers think.

Our main worry in today's India is therefore our politician and his crooked callousness which is putting the lives of all Indians on the line. Like a brilliant SMS floated the message “ we don’t have to worry about the people who came by boat. Rather we need to be worried about the people who came by vote”.


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