Thursday, December 4, 2008

The T20 match that Pakistan must play first!

There is still a lot of hope in Pakistan that our Indian cricket team from India will go there to play games of cricket. This, after they sent their terror team to play mayhem in India. One wonders whether the Indian government will be naïve and foolhardy to save cricketing relations with a rabid country whose only aim is to destabilize India with its systematic proxy war which has made all peace efforts look like a contemptuous joke.

Manmohan singh desperately needs a Mahendra Singh. Not some Mahendra Singh the politician but our own Mahendra Singh Dhoni to learn about leadership and tactics. Though it may sound like pun, the current cricket captain could actually provide the toothless establishment of India, with some tips on how to play Pakistan in T20 because he has ruthlessly beaten them in cricket in India , Pakistan and in the South African World cup with tactics and nerves that only few captains can claim to have had.

Besides T20 is a game that MSD plays so well that his stock has risen above every other human being in the world. However this T20 that India now wants to play is not twenty20 of cricket. It is the Terror20 of Pakistan’s horror. It is about the twenty terrorists that India is asking from Pakistan with no success.

While India has served Pakistan its wishlist of the 20 terrorists for the umpteenth time Pakistan seems to treat this request with utmost disrespect and their media seems to be as infected with the same disease of their military to disown any connection with the terrorists who rampaged Mumbai.

One wished that Condoleeza Rice came to India to renew hope and force Pakistan to surrender the terror20 and the terror masters of the Pakistan terror factory. Her strong rhetoric while on the India visit sounded promising enough to extricate from Pakistan an uncharacteristic response. However it seems that the worlds most intelligent security analyst was here on a pleasure trip to merely cool tempers. The moment she landed into the arms of Asif Ali Zardari, she seems to have fallen for the charm of the Pakistani president. Zardari laid out the same useless verbal promise that all his predecessors gave about promising “ strong action” and Rice has expressed her faith in this shameless and disgraceful exercise.

During 9/11 such customary assurances by Mr Pervez Musharraf made to President Bush were treated with the arrogance that America knows to heap on enemy nations only when its country is under threat and attack. For India, they have a different yardstick to follow. “Calm down” is the call. If the United States has any sense of purpose to fight terror it must make Pakistan walk the talk and not use the “fight against terror’ gameplan only for their own benefit. But the US is more selfish than anybody else. They will find the Mumbai terror not to be their immediate concern as it does not affect them directly. They are instead worried that the troops on the Pakistan Afghanistan border may be diverted to the pak-India border and hamper their own battle with the Taliban. And Condoleeza’s visit was a camouflaged tour to ensure that such a terrible thing did not happen. The US though the most intelligent country in the world will however pay a heavy price for nursing Pakistan who will one day become their worst nightmare. That day is yet to come. But I can tell you it surely will. And Pakistan being a nuclear power , it may be too hot for the US to handle just like their protege Osama Bin Laden who was initially nursed and breastfed by the US.

However having said that , war with Pakistan should be the last option for india. Wars have benefited no one. Besides it can only do harm to us than good. Our economy which is on a strong footing will get a complete beating. As for Pakistan their economy is their religion. They can bury themselves in that. We are a rising nation. We need to keep ourselves above such plague nations. We do not need a war. What we need is for our intelligence to work more diligently, to use all their resources to destabilize Pakistan more than they do to our nation. Without resorting to civilian harm, this diseased country called Pakistan needs to be dismembered and split into several countries to ease their own selves. And the intelligence knows it’s a possibility. Balochistan is crying for it. It just needs a catalyst. RAW knows. But there seems to be little motivation to further their objective. One hopes the Mumbai terror is the final motivational tool for our intelligence to act. And act hard. It is only proxy war that can help neutralize Pakistan. Not a full fledged war.

Untill then our cricket mad country should ensure that we do not play the useless game with butchers like Pakistan. We have all other test playing nations to play with. We don’t need Pakistan. Our cricket board is cash rich. They are the beggars and are currently begging every other country to play them and nobody responds which has made their cricketers unemployed for the last one year. Let them play their cricket with their veteran cricketers or better still play with their military.

Besides given their fanaticism for religion and its corrupted manifestations at their own will, their cricketers are quite capable of being brainwashed themselves and land on the cricket field with a foldable bat which could open out at random into a kalashnikov enough to mow down eleven Indian lambs even before the ad during the break between overs is over with and the break popcorn in many Indian mouths would be the last food eaten before many hearty attacks take over television viewers in India.

I know many will jump to say it is too far-fetched. But just last week 10 human beings like you and me mowed another 200 humans randomly, mercilessly without rhyme or reason inflicting on us the biggest killer dance that still has countless people wounded , many still fighting death battering our two edifices including the magnificent Taj with a history that even the Jallianwalla bagh would be currently mourning for. Everybody is now bewildered with the magnanimity and the plan of the attack. It is not difficult for those rogues to brainwash one talented cricketer from the tribal areas of Pakistan (just like many current Pakistani cricketers who come from poor tribal backgrounds) who can get into the Pakistan cricket team score runs for the applause, take wickets for the records, throw stumps to exhibit ace fielding and one day gun the Indian cricket team to enable them to enjoy the so called sadistic pleasure that only their demon-God who gets pleased with terror has kept for them. Brainwashing is an art of the pakistani establishment. All of their ills are are a result of that.

Let Pakistan play the Terror20 first . Every other pleasure can wait for eternity.


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