Wednesday, January 28, 2009

India's moral police or our own terrorists

Its been a long time since I made my last post in the aftermath of the Mumbai terror. On my return back in this new year 2009, it looks much worse. Terror of every kind seems to have seeped into our country. And this terror cannot be handled by commandos because it comes from our own civilian, state borne terrorists who claim to be the moral police of the country.

Besides our national army or the "Desh ki Sena" as we might call it, in our hindi language, we do have numerous other Sena's claiming their share of the pie in moderating and policing our country. These Sena's have their own rules and regulations which are not part of our constitution and rely purely on terror of the worst kind to express their sense of warped opinions.

The barbaric hoodlums who chose to attack a pub last weekend in Mangalore is proof of the intolerant and uncouth mindset of these bunch of goons bearing allegiance to a certain 'Sri Ram Sena" - a fringe right wing outfit - whose ideology was demonstrated by spewing venom on innocent women by physically assaulting them in the most dastardly manner in full public view.

Similar to many of their tribe of right wing extremist groups, these self appointed custodians of "Indian guidelines of culture" have now extended their purview to include beating up of women as their latest weapon to instill fear. By these actions such rowdy elements are trying to showcase their view of Indian culture where beating up women seems to be their ideological right. Just where did these moral police get this part of our culture? What kind of ambassadors are these?

It is a fashion in modern times for small groups of such disgruntled elements to demonstrate their brand of terror on people without any punishment. From pulling down theatres showing movies, to shattering shops on Valentine's day to hounding people in buses and trains and wherever they can, such groups seem to be emboldened by the fact that the state governments have no will to curb or clamp down their actions.

The people responsible for attacks on Churches and prayer halls last year in Mangalore are yet to be brought to book and this time a few of the attackers have been arrested only to silence critics for the moment. In all probability, weak evidence will be collected against them to enable them to escape punishment.

If the state government fails to show its resolve and responsibility in punishing these criminals in the most suitable manner, such incidents will render our security apparatus in the country under extreme risk. Such stupid creatures will cause unrest in various communities and failure to take action against them will be translated in more youth taking up arms, more terrorists being encouraged out of nowhere and our land will be full or arson and anarchy. Is this our vision of Shining India?

The Government of Karnataka has a responsibility towards the citizens of Mangalore and the rest of the country. Will it let this incident be covered under the garb of communal politics?

Mangalore must fight back! Karnataka must wage a battle for justice! Just like Mumbai did. Frighten the politicians with the power of your vote. Fight for a right to recall them back from the assembly. If they cannot protect our women against such brazen attacks tell me who will?


The Big Indian