Monday, December 22, 2008

An embarrassment called Antulay

It is still a strange dilemma that seems to have gripped the Indian national Congress under whose tutelage Mr A. R Antulay grew into a reasonably ranked political leader. His alleged back-door maneouvres many claim also helped him to remain in the saddle as the Chief Minister Of Maharashtra, something I think as inconceivable for an Indian Muslim to attain in such a largely polarized state . However he was given the grace by the majority community to even hold that position in a very sensitive state which differentiates within its own strong hindu ranks.

It is therefore rage which one feels when a senior politician like Mr Antulay gets away or rather gets others to sway over his most loose comment of the century. To fantasize about Mr Karkare and his gallant compatriots to be done in by a conspiracy from hindu zealots is nothing but sheer madness in the least. That after the unfolding of the events following their death makes Mr Antulay and his theory a big insult to the nation.

His remarks have been most delightfully seized by the “terrorist state of Pakistan” to counter India’s foolproof case against the rogue ISI and their handy comrades the LeT, in the Mumbai attacks. Their media are simply brandishing this hallucinatory Indian as their new weapon in their desperate attempt to camouflage the terrorist stink of their rabid country.

The Congress should therefore show some character. While the BJP is shamelessly using this issue to further their vote bank , the congress seems to be unduly worried that any action against Mr Antulay would erode their own bank. This dilemma is sure to cost the congress its most hardened supporters including myself.

For surely there is a limit to swallowing an insult. This is not an insult to a party politician. It is above petty politics. Politicians are used to give and take insults. But when someone covertly empathises with the enemy in such a brazen manner the reaction from the Congress should have been instant. Instead we find that the Congress is weighing its pros and cons keeping the upcoming elections in mind.

Antulay in the meanwhile is catching on a wagon of supporters. A breed of sidelined political actors are emerging from nowhere to carve their niche and finding common cause with him to add confusion to the already muddy issue. Politics which had taken a severe beating from citizens after the Mumbai terror, is now re-surfacing its ugly head with all these political furnitures trying to find their own space in the bloody ground of Mumbai’s terror carnage. These people will take India and all Indians to the gutter of death.

If the congress had been swift in its action we could have shown how we deal with such rabidly dissenting voices without considering their merit in an election. The BJP is another hawk waiting for its own pound of flesh from this issue. And so the real Indian has gone to sleep since the partition of our country. Our severed arm is however vibrant and determined to see our end.

The more the congress drags its feet on this issue the more I hope are their chances of losing the next election.


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Antulay - a loose clown or a loose cannon?

There seems to be no shortage of clowns in our political class of India. The latest one to join the donkeyed wagon is the minister for Minority affairs Mr. A R Antulay who seems to be in a mood to piggy back the shameless and spineless media of “the terrorist state of Pakistan”.

While the whole world watched the Mumbai horror of 26/11 in disgust and anger, it seems Mr Antulay was saddled with his intelligent questions of how Mr Karkare and his two colleagues met with bullets of Pakistani terrorists. He aimfully links their death to the Malegaon probe and wants to paddle with an enquiry. In raising his fickle minded doubts Mr Antulay it seems has borrowed a leaf from the sick media of the “terrorist state of Pakistan” who fantasize the Mumbai terror to be the work of Hindu-Zionists.

Such comments from a senior politican like Mr Antulay show the utter sense of betrayal towards the country’s fight against terrorism and is a way of playing into the gallery of the enemy. By making such baseless comments is Mr Antulay trying to project ‘the terrorist state of Pakistan” to be innocent? Or is he trying to shield the Lashkar-e-taiba and the Jamat-ud-dawa from Indian prosecution? Instead does he want a probe to prosecute Hindus from India for the Mumbai terror?

If this is not anti-nationalism, I wonder what is. It is a surprise that he is still a Minister in the Indian establishment and one hopes that better sense prevails on the Congress to shrug off this liability from their party . Such loose cannons are an embarrassment to the country.

The Big Indian

The favours done by 10 terrrorists from Pakistan

Call it our tragic irony or our luck in distress , but after the dust of the terror attacks subsiding a bit, it does seem that we can identify the favours done to the general Indian public by the mercenaries from the terrorist state of Pakistan(TSP).

Bomb blasts in markets and bustops, in buses and trains had almost become a part of life for our Indian establishment. They had woefully got used to it. It was as if they always expected the next to happen anytime. All intelligence was cast aside as “ non-actionable” ( an euphemism for our intelligent laziness) untill the strike dealt a telling blow. And the pain had become bearable for our establishment. It did not change their way of looking at terror. There was no motivation to beef up our intelligence. It was as if the Indian citizens were pawns at the mercy of the laziness of bureaucracy which had mercifully seeped into our intelligence

Our outgoing home minister had become habituated to the terror blows being delivered from old fanatics in Pakistan and from newly emerging terror boys within our own country. His speeches were ready-to-deliver and he ranted the same lines before waiting cameras as if the people of the country were eagerly awaiting his rattle like an urgent task which he had to undertake by speaking out his spineless mind. Only speeches. No strategies or actions . The media had begun to mock him freely and some even played all his post-blast speeches in series to display his redundance of sense. “ we will find them, take them to task and punish them” were lines he must have memorized for the media emergencies so much that they always escaped his lips without any provocation.

Our entire establishment it now seems is very tardy. Our intelligence is mired in its internal bickerings and a former security advisor now claims that our intelligence network lacks mere co-ordination. There seems to be no benchmarks for actionable or non-actionable intelligence and it obviously looks like a job in the hands and mercy of the beholder. The contagious bureaucratic attitude of passing the buck and restricting to one’s own business seems to have taken a toll on our intelligence agencies and its vendors. Everyone was apparently happy at doing their own job and while the ISI were co-ordinatedly writing our obituary in Pakistan their counterparts in India seem to have been engaged in their own departmental battles. Our Intelligence as many sources claim is only namesake. Everyone inside merely does his/her job and no one is really bothered whether the purpose for which they are constituted as an agency is really fulfilled.

The Mumbai terror has shaken these babus of intelligence before claiming a few other heads like the CM and dy Cm of Maharashtra and the overdue-in-retirement home minister Shivraj Patil . It has brought to the fore our complete mess of logistics to face a terror situation, Our absolute failure at reaching our commandos after a delay of over 9 hours, our fire fighting equipment found wanting, our police and ATS equipped with substandard bullet-happy jackets , complete lacunae in our coast line security and above all our complete intelligence failure which is the most alarming.

All these have come to light because of the Mumbai terror attacks.. Today the babus are being targeted as the ones who without effiency would face the door as well. It is time our intelligence agencies are also taken to task for all their follies. After all there needs to be an accountability. The lives of so many citizens have been snuffed out due to mere negligence and their families are left to cope with the loss. But the ones at fault are still at the same job. They need to be pulled and uprooted from their position if necessary. India has to show the world that it is not as soft as it has so far been.

Else, the next attack is simply waiting to happen.


Thursday, December 11, 2008

What to do with Pakistan

Mumbai’s terror has left the country in a rage and the government with a hobsons India and Pakistanchoice. While the US actually does not know what to do and how far to go on ‘somebody else’s” terror problem, Pakistan is playing the usual hide and seek game that its establishment is very well known for.

Despite the strong reaction from India and Indians, Pakistan is bent on doing what it knows best. Hoodwink the world with cosmetic exercises which have no meaning and which are relegated to the dustbin with passage of time

What the terror has done
The terror has left everyone shaken including the most vociferous Pakistani culture-exchange and sports-hardy supporters. It wasn’t about bombs detonating in buses and trains. It wasn’t simply about ghatkopar, nagpada or such other suburban wail renting the air. This terror has now crawled up the skin of the net worthy and the sound of the scream is far louder.

Suddenly the eliteindian corporates have caught up with the bomb scaredom. It was never their moment of grief because the common man in the street was too common for them to be grieving. The captains of industry and the corporate biggies hardly took notice when bombs were ripping through cities, trains, buses or near bystanders awaiting a bus. But today they are fuming, as this time, the places of terror were designed with the rich and mighty in mind.

While the wounds will take time to heal, the so called Pakistani friendship champions will soon emerge from their self imposed current exile. They will scout for a lawyer for the dreaded terrorist who was caught. They will argue his sad need for non-vegetarian food in custody, his need for a television to avoid being in solitude, an Ipod and preferably a cell phone with lifetime validity( they want his life to go on forever). They will simply forget the terror and brandish their high selling “human rights’ products. However this time around they might find some resistance in their own ranks. And the battle should be interesting to watch. Some mud-slinging hopefully.

However the Mumbai terror saga has put terror in focus to almost every strata of Indian society for the first time. From the chief corporate honchos to the scavenger in the street, terrorism is now a very big threat. In this situation it would be interesting to see how India handles Pakistan in this very precarious state of affairs.

Pakistan government a dummy vs army
Firstly Pakistan is itself a lawless country ruled by whoever pleases at whichepakistan armyver time. Camouflaged by a toothless elected government, Pakistan is only ruled by its army. It is the start and end of Pakistan. Whoever comes in its way is halal meat. The Pakistan government is a mimic clown, a curtain to talk to the world. Their toothless President and spineless Prime Minister do not know when their last minute in those chairs will be. They are living on the edge and will never go against their army’s will, as it would mean suicide.

The single agenda that the Pakistani army and their cohorts the ISI have is to destroy India . All their energies are spent in that direction. India has no chance to negotiate with the fanaticism of the Pakistan army. They are a rabid force.

What should India do
India should therefore treat Pakistan as a terrorist state. Our media should openly refer to Pakistan as “ the terrorist state”. Every business forum, every international forum, every sports forum, every social forum. Anywhere and everywhere we need to refer to Pakistan as “ the terrorist state of Pakistan”. The caption should resonate all over the world

However we should not fall into the trap of a war with Pakistan. They don’t have any economy worth their name. They are extremely jealous of India’s progress. On one side their army is being forced against their will to fight the American cause of terror by fighting their own friends, the Taliban. So they want to provoke India to react with war so that they can divert all their army towards the Indian army and get away from their punishment of fighting the Taliban. Their army owns most of pakistans resources and so they being well off, are not concerned about their citizens and their citizens seem to be well charmed with their army. So let their honeymoon with each other take them to their own hell.

In India , we must ban the groups who love to associate with Pakistan and broadly there are four categories.

(1) The art, music craft and books lobby who think that the best way to deal with Pakistan is to sing and dance with them. So what if their gun is on our heads. This is art. It has a different nationality.

(2)The second category is of the people who migrated from Pakistan during partition. Their memories, their linen, their clothes and their toothbrush is still back there and they want to constantly go and see them to remain happy in their last days. They still miss those qillas, the kotas and the halwas and want their hallucinations to survive the modern times.

(3) The thirdindia pakistan cricket category is of our cricket board. With the world at their feet, the BCCI does not need to piggy back a poverty-stricken Pakistan cricket board . Yet you will see that our BCCI supports the PCB at all forums as if their cricket is completely insulated from their army and their establishment. Why does India need to support Pakistan in cricket? Are they our thick friends that we should be interested in their cricket welfare? Or should we use every opportunity to ensure that cricket in Pakistan rots just like the bodies of those nine terrorists butchered by our commandos?

(4) The fourth category is the most indignified of the lot. It is our film industry. While it may not be the entire film industry, there are plenty of morons in the whole pack of filmstars and filmmakers who want to forge filmy relations with Pakistan and who find Pakistan a tempting market too difficult to ignore. Some of them also go to dubai to sing and dance like whores of the terror mafia hiding in Pakistan.

These four categories of people needs to be exposed and completely banned by the general public. They are actually working against India and should be ashamed of their beliefs.

We should completely shut Pakistan as if we were shutting the door on stinking garbage. Boycott Pakistan completely at all levels ,in all aspects. All art, music, sports,economy, commerce, or other shoulder holding activities. Pakistan is a fundamentalist sick state which has done too much of damage to us. We cannot afford to carry on pretending that we are not affected anymore.

We need to fight this battle on our own. The international community is a hypocrite. They jump only when they get hurt themselves and in their own country. Going by the scale of the Mumbai terror, all the anti-terror countries and their external affairs ministers should have camped in Pakistan to push that rogue nation to comply in weeding out all the terror worms responsible for the Mumbai terror and importantly hand them over to india. But instead they are still twiddling slowly and getting carried away by pakistan’s cosmetic exercises. One wonders what such a relaxed approach will achieve.

Pakistan and their army, ISI and their woefully fanatic media are constantly seeking proof from India about their involvement. India should never fall into this trap of providing them any more proof and in the bargain divulge strategic and vital information. Whatever proof has been provided all these years in all the terror attacks sponsored by Pakistan would probably fill a museum and with the whole world viewing Pakistan as a terrorist nation, they are making a mockery of themselves by asking for proof.

Finally for long lasting peace in the region and the world, Paksitan should be split into many nations. A unified Pakistan is a big threat. It should be dismembered and without resorting to civilian harm our intelligence should strain every resource to achieve this goal.


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

India’s reluctance to enforce tough terror laws

Lawlessnessterror suspects in our country is a way of life for our breed of elected representatives as mentioned in my previous post. How to mend, mould and melt the law is a prerogative which they enjoy, most often without being taken to task. The citizen is therefore forced to bear the brunt of all their unlawful actions and sincerity to their job is a myth best reserved for books on school civics.

There are numerous laws and regulations which should have been enforced in independent India without malice. Good laws are so important for the country to govern and take its stride forward. However our politicians come in the way of all such noble ideas and the country is therefore willfully goaded into their state of thinking which is narrow, cheaply motivated and for mere selfish gains of various lobbies persistent in the country.

The reluctance to act decisively against terror is therefore not a mystery. It is a joke. We are mired in controversy and lazy indecisiveness on this one. While we need tough terror laws, the fear that is propagated is that such laws are misused by the political parties against each other for political gains rather than against terrorists. What a shame.

While TADA and POTA have died a miserable death due to its misuse by political parties for their own ulterior motives and selfishly vested interests, there seems to be absolute blindness as to how to stop them from doing so. Instead of having a brainstorming session on how to ensure that the political class does not misuse the law, our lazy politicians are instead dragging their feet on the laws and thrusting us, the common citizens to extreme risk.

It is therefore amply clear that our sufferings of terrorism are due to our political claterror suspectsss who have got all the time to do play their political games but have no time to work out tough laws which can nab, punish and reign fear in the terrorists to refrain from attacking at will.

No wonder Afzal Guru is making merry. He should actually be pardoned and our politicians be given the death penalty for their laxity on terror


Monday, December 8, 2008

India’s Electoral Circus 2008

The congress party seemingly won the battle against the BJP who tried their vainful best to derive mileage from the Mumbai terror attacks to influence the voters of rajastCongress symbolhan, Delhi, Chattisgarh, Mizoram and Madhya Pradesh. The poll plank of the BJP shifted from every conceivable issue affecting the common man and concentrated on the Mumbai terror attacks.

The Bjp chose to focus on these attacks as if they would bave done a better job had they bBJP symboleen in power. It might have helped them in influencing some of their voters but the majority could see through their poll plank and therefore they have been punished. The congress is no saint and although they won , one hopes that the common man will teach them a lesson if they fail to live up to their expectations.

Politicians need to fulfill the people’s demands and not further their own interests. The ruling party should strive its best to help, upgrade and save the life of the common citizen and the oppositioBSP symboln should be a meaningful opposition who opposes issues on merit and not opposing any damn issue just because they want to make noise that their party is existing. Such is our case in India and that is the reason nothing concrete happens. Both parties have enough of rogues to get the country on its knees. Instead we have to work hard to keep these politicians on their toes

Good response from the citizens of the country who did not get swayed by stupid senseless rhetoric of our babus

Complete result tally
Rajasthan 200 seats
Congress 96
BJP 78
Others 20

Result :Congress wins Rajasthan from BJP rule

Delhi 69 seats
Congress 42
BJP 23
BSp 2
Others 2

Result :Congress wins and retains Delhi

Chattisgarh 90 seats
BJP 50
Congress 38
Others 0

Result : BJP wins and retains Chattisgarh

Mizoram 40 seats
Congress 32
Others 5

Result : Landslide victory for congress

Madhya Pradesh 230 seats
BJP 143
Congress 71
Others 9

Result : Victory for the BJP

Overall Result

Congress :3 states
BJP 2 states

May corruption be exposed in this term.


Lawlessness of our politicians leading to our decay

The Mumbai terror was another chilling reminder to the citizens of India about the level of consideration the politicians of our country have for security and safety of its citizens.

While the Mumbai terror carnage opened a new chapter of citizens openly voicing ferocious criticism of politicians of all colours, the babus of our country don’t seem to be affected even marginally. They are used to our chronic forgiveness of their dirty exploits and are well aware that memory of the public is short. They are therefore able to regain lost ground faster than we lose our agitational frame of mind.

The lawlessness has reached alarming levels and our leaders who are our lawmakers are the foremost lawbreakers The lawlessness of our politicians is something that we have taken for granted. We are all aware of the corruption quotient of our politicians and our elected leaders who brazenly plunder the government exchequer with regular impunity without being caught. If caught, the maze of judicial enquiries, political colour change and deliberate destruction of evidence are shocking yet known means of their smart acquittals. It is a helpless situation because they themselves frame the laws and trample upon them first. If the common man does the same he can pay for it for the rest of his life unless he has similar political or financial clout to help him.

Goa is the probably the most viciously corrupt state in India with politicians being bought and sold like vegetables. And then you see them with portfolios such as home, education, health, weights and measures, financé, PWD, tourism etc. What justice can breakers of the law do to these portfolios? How is this going to end? Which trigger will help the elimination of our entire rotten political system which is full of rogues in its ranks?

The United states is a great democracy which gives due cfredibility to the portfolio by choosing people from the respective field who are experts or are an authority to act on a subject. Such people ar made ministers ( known as secretaries). They do not get elected. They are nominated by their sheer merit. In India a few like P.C. Chidambaram and a Manmohan singh were such intellectuals brought in to do such tasks. However our system is so hypocritical that these people need to be elected either by lok sabha or rajya sabha to retain their position. That effectively is our malady.

Our lawless leaders are the cause of all the ills affecting our great country and unless we see merit in the system of their appointment to justify those portfolios they hold, our country will always face threat from within and outside.

The Big Indian

Friday, December 5, 2008

The clowns of the mumbai terror aftermath

The latest clown in the aftermath of the Mumbai terror saga is Narayan rane, an opportunistic greedbox in the congress who gleefully watched the predicament of the outgoing and outwitted Chief Minister Mr Vilasrao Deshmukh as an opportunity for him to enter the rich ring.

Bereft of any knowledge , or ideas or clues to protect Mumbai, Narayan Rane joins the imbecilic bandwagon of Vilasrao Deshmukh who seemed to be mindlessly interested in thriller films blending with the Mumbai tragedy, RR patil who moronically, viewed the Mumbai terror as a small incident in a big city ( he sees only dancers in night bars as big issues in Mumbai), CM of Kerala, Atchutanandan ( or whatever his dogged name is) who senselessly insulted a soldiers' family who were in grief with scant concern and later gulped back his own words under pressure, Mukhtar Abbas naqvi who shamelessly trumpeted his spineless rhetoric on the post-terror protesters like an unemployed man with no issues to rant, Advani and Madam Scindia of Rajasthan who wasted no opportunity to use the Mumbai terror to their electoral speech, Manmohan and Sonia gandhi who failed to understand Mumbai's terror gripped situation and instead foisted their high-security presence on Mumbaikars becasue they did not want to lose in the political game let loose by an opportunistic Advani. Mindless other politicians have also tried to use the Mumbai terror for their own benefit without considering the gravity of the matter.

The only good thing coming out of any reshuffling seems to be the appointment of an intellectual like Mr P.Chidambaram to the position of the Home Minister. One may recall that Mr Chidambaram does not come with any political history, but was handpicked for the economic reform process by the late Mr. Rajiv Gandhi. Currently he looks to be the right man for the job and the congress for once has shown some common sense to elevate him to the position of the home minister as he has sense in his head to deal with the home department.

But what does an opportunistic babu like Mr Narayan Rane have in his head? obviously some wicked opportunity to pounce upon the CM’s position at a time of calamity. Do we need opportunistic rogues who have waited greedily in queue for the CM's post to occupy that position at such a testing time to paint mumbai red again? He should instead be shunted from the congress and made to sit in no mans land. Such people must never be allowed to be elected again. Parasites of our hard earned money, they only come like wolves for their piece of the pie and should therefore be shown the door the next time they come calling.

Hope Mumbai and Maharashtra is listening.


Thursday, December 4, 2008

The T20 match that Pakistan must play first!

There is still a lot of hope in Pakistan that our Indian cricket team from India will go there to play games of cricket. This, after they sent their terror team to play mayhem in India. One wonders whether the Indian government will be naïve and foolhardy to save cricketing relations with a rabid country whose only aim is to destabilize India with its systematic proxy war which has made all peace efforts look like a contemptuous joke.

Manmohan singh desperately needs a Mahendra Singh. Not some Mahendra Singh the politician but our own Mahendra Singh Dhoni to learn about leadership and tactics. Though it may sound like pun, the current cricket captain could actually provide the toothless establishment of India, with some tips on how to play Pakistan in T20 because he has ruthlessly beaten them in cricket in India , Pakistan and in the South African World cup with tactics and nerves that only few captains can claim to have had.

Besides T20 is a game that MSD plays so well that his stock has risen above every other human being in the world. However this T20 that India now wants to play is not twenty20 of cricket. It is the Terror20 of Pakistan’s horror. It is about the twenty terrorists that India is asking from Pakistan with no success.

While India has served Pakistan its wishlist of the 20 terrorists for the umpteenth time Pakistan seems to treat this request with utmost disrespect and their media seems to be as infected with the same disease of their military to disown any connection with the terrorists who rampaged Mumbai.

One wished that Condoleeza Rice came to India to renew hope and force Pakistan to surrender the terror20 and the terror masters of the Pakistan terror factory. Her strong rhetoric while on the India visit sounded promising enough to extricate from Pakistan an uncharacteristic response. However it seems that the worlds most intelligent security analyst was here on a pleasure trip to merely cool tempers. The moment she landed into the arms of Asif Ali Zardari, she seems to have fallen for the charm of the Pakistani president. Zardari laid out the same useless verbal promise that all his predecessors gave about promising “ strong action” and Rice has expressed her faith in this shameless and disgraceful exercise.

During 9/11 such customary assurances by Mr Pervez Musharraf made to President Bush were treated with the arrogance that America knows to heap on enemy nations only when its country is under threat and attack. For India, they have a different yardstick to follow. “Calm down” is the call. If the United States has any sense of purpose to fight terror it must make Pakistan walk the talk and not use the “fight against terror’ gameplan only for their own benefit. But the US is more selfish than anybody else. They will find the Mumbai terror not to be their immediate concern as it does not affect them directly. They are instead worried that the troops on the Pakistan Afghanistan border may be diverted to the pak-India border and hamper their own battle with the Taliban. And Condoleeza’s visit was a camouflaged tour to ensure that such a terrible thing did not happen. The US though the most intelligent country in the world will however pay a heavy price for nursing Pakistan who will one day become their worst nightmare. That day is yet to come. But I can tell you it surely will. And Pakistan being a nuclear power , it may be too hot for the US to handle just like their protege Osama Bin Laden who was initially nursed and breastfed by the US.

However having said that , war with Pakistan should be the last option for india. Wars have benefited no one. Besides it can only do harm to us than good. Our economy which is on a strong footing will get a complete beating. As for Pakistan their economy is their religion. They can bury themselves in that. We are a rising nation. We need to keep ourselves above such plague nations. We do not need a war. What we need is for our intelligence to work more diligently, to use all their resources to destabilize Pakistan more than they do to our nation. Without resorting to civilian harm, this diseased country called Pakistan needs to be dismembered and split into several countries to ease their own selves. And the intelligence knows it’s a possibility. Balochistan is crying for it. It just needs a catalyst. RAW knows. But there seems to be little motivation to further their objective. One hopes the Mumbai terror is the final motivational tool for our intelligence to act. And act hard. It is only proxy war that can help neutralize Pakistan. Not a full fledged war.

Untill then our cricket mad country should ensure that we do not play the useless game with butchers like Pakistan. We have all other test playing nations to play with. We don’t need Pakistan. Our cricket board is cash rich. They are the beggars and are currently begging every other country to play them and nobody responds which has made their cricketers unemployed for the last one year. Let them play their cricket with their veteran cricketers or better still play with their military.

Besides given their fanaticism for religion and its corrupted manifestations at their own will, their cricketers are quite capable of being brainwashed themselves and land on the cricket field with a foldable bat which could open out at random into a kalashnikov enough to mow down eleven Indian lambs even before the ad during the break between overs is over with and the break popcorn in many Indian mouths would be the last food eaten before many hearty attacks take over television viewers in India.

I know many will jump to say it is too far-fetched. But just last week 10 human beings like you and me mowed another 200 humans randomly, mercilessly without rhyme or reason inflicting on us the biggest killer dance that still has countless people wounded , many still fighting death battering our two edifices including the magnificent Taj with a history that even the Jallianwalla bagh would be currently mourning for. Everybody is now bewildered with the magnanimity and the plan of the attack. It is not difficult for those rogues to brainwash one talented cricketer from the tribal areas of Pakistan (just like many current Pakistani cricketers who come from poor tribal backgrounds) who can get into the Pakistan cricket team score runs for the applause, take wickets for the records, throw stumps to exhibit ace fielding and one day gun the Indian cricket team to enable them to enjoy the so called sadistic pleasure that only their demon-God who gets pleased with terror has kept for them. Brainwashing is an art of the pakistani establishment. All of their ills are are a result of that.

Let Pakistan play the Terror20 first . Every other pleasure can wait for eternity.


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Deal with Terror first. Cricket can wait!

The dastardly attack against our country has brought to the fore the uneasy and ever suspicious relationshiEngland cricket teamp with Pakistan back to the limelight. While the English cricket team cut their forgettable ( in cricketing terms) one day tour on mere sound of gunfire over television from as far as cuttack, they will actually smile to themselves and in their heart probably thank their stars for the truncated one day tour. After all a 5-0 pentawash is better than a 7-0 thrashing.

The debate over the England’s test tour of India is regularly filling up sports pages with to and for testimonials, proposing their dose of advice as if England never faced a terror situation. The same terror apparatus is probably working in India cricket fanthe silence of Englands' social dumbness like it is working silently in the cacophony of the Indian street. The only difference arguably however is the determined English intelligence which is better motivated and equipped to weed out the worms before they turn into anacondas. Having said that the threat of terror is something England should consider as a probability affecting most nations including their own. However they need to ensure that they are fully satisfied with the security apparatus to take care of their cricketers. If not they have a right to demand more. If India fails to provide them with the security level that they demand, the English should simply refuse without any guilt and fight their case with the ICC as being a tour deserving to desert for there is no reason superceding the threat to the life of human beings .

The Mumbai terror carnage, however, has the potency to leave Pakistan cricket in the cold. And that would be a just reward for the brute actions of their countrymen. Australia, New Zealand , England and South Africa sneeze at the very mention of a tour to Pakistan. Add India to that list and Pakistan will be left with the lucky hope of playing countries such as Bangladesh , Zimbabwe , Srilanka and a lowly West Indies. Over the last one year the Pakistani players have not played any test cricket and hopefully they will not see any kind of cricket in their country until their dog-headed military regime ( the government in power is a useless tool) understands that Islamic militancy is a toy they are playing for far too long.

If India has any self respect, we should shun any kind of cricket with Pakistan. All our friendly advances have been met with the treachery of a traitor and a willful butcher. While our countrymen are slaughtered by military sponsored mercenaries of this rabid nation, one third our size, why should we even consider to be the goody goody neighbours for so long? Instead India should find ways to ensure destabilization of Pakistan without resorting to civilian harm. The PCB should no longer be treated with the same regard as earlier and all cricketing relations with Pakistan should come to a halt. Players from Pakistan should also not be allowed to play in the Indian Premier League. In short ban them, their goods, their trade, their promises. Just shut it on their face like a door slammed hard. Do it when the iron is hot. For Pakistan has very few supporters left.

It is terror that India needs to deal with. Cricket and its bunnies can wait. Cricket is a game of pleasure watched from the comforts of the bedroom or the lustily cheering stands. It is the desirable veCricket fanshicle of corporates to force their brand image, the betting lobby’s million dollar booty , the television channels lakhs-a-minute tariff card, the cricketers’ route to stardom and an absolute waste of my precious hours during which I heaved, sighed, calculated, jumped, tore my hair and at the end of it all whoever won or lost, I recovered my senses only to have lost my valuable time to the lure of a mere game.

Such a wasteful exercise can wait. Dealing with terror cannot. India’s current situation is too urgent. It needs to use whatever resource and intelligence it can pool to deal with terror urgently like a pregnant woman has to deal with imminent labour. For nothing comes above human life. Certainly not a cricket tour to a diseased country like Pakistan.


Mumbai terror and after

Mumbai is wounded and Indians are in mourning.The bleeding simply refuses to stop. Obituaries of the rich and the famous for once lie next to the wail emanating from Mumbai’s poor who were the larger quota from among the dead including the unsuspicious and tired travelers at the CST station. However this time it is no mere resentment from the mumbaikar. It is rage.

The guns and explosions raged for 60 hours but the echoes of the cries are far from over. The embers of the fire are still smouldering in the ashes of bitterness. Broken hearts, and shattered bangles, orphaned cries and stubborn goodbyes, , bloody stations and loss of patience are all Mumbai is left with. But this time around Mumbai and Mumbaikars are not resting on its oft repeated yet most agonizing reason of ‘resilience’ to bounce back. This time there is a strange air of resignation. They do not want the politicians to fall back on the resilience of the mumbaikar. Instead now they want these petty babus to prove theirs.

An angry Mumbai and an enraged country are asking for answers. Commanding actions. It is not pleading anymore. Threatening civil disobedience to refusal in paying taxes. You don’t hear that from the general public in India. Its not necessarily our style. But Mumbai’s silence has been taken for granted for far too long. Despite being the highest tax paying region of the country and despite it being the financial and social capital of a resurgent India, Mumbai is being attacked at the whims and fancies of marauders who ironically fed our intelligence with all the clues only to be ignored and then stamped their authority in the most audacious manner which left 200 dead, over 400 wounded among them many orphaned children, scores of widows and widowers , brutalized westerners and innocent jews and shook our sheer street confidence leaving two edifices of mumbais pride as our modern day’s Jallianwala baghs.

Thanks to the television and a hounding media apparatus, the fight against the terrorists exposed the establishment like adultery caught red handed. Our lack of mere response preparedness and our complete logistic mess in reaching our elite commandos to the site after a 9 ½ hour delay was seen by one and all over the world. Add to that the post operation callousness and idiotic verbatim of our elected representatives can only serve to boil more adrenalin against the politicians.

While the Dy CM of Maharashtra found the terror incident a small one in a big city, his elder colleague, the Chief Minister showed no remorse for his shameful act of parading his sons and plot-hungry filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma to thrill out a script of a tragedy of Mumbai and most possibly carve out a movie for the benefit of his son. He probably saw stardom and economic delight in the corpses of mumbai’s bloodbath. Narender Modi’s political exercise was rightly snubbed by Mr Hemant Karkare’s widow asking him to pocket back his political gimmicry and probably rewind his tongue for the shameful anti-hindu allegations he had made against the upright officer.

The Kerala Chief Minister found the much deserving humiliation meted out to him by the aggrieved father of our valiant hero major Sandeep Unnikrishnan too hard to digest and ended up insulting him without caring to see at his own face in the mirror which unfortunately resembles a canine. Mukhtar Abbas naqvi is the proverbial joker among the many in the BJP juggernaut. And he lived upto his reputation by labeling the post-operations protest march of the bitter mumbaikar as a march of a handful of lipstick happy women and tie strotting men. His sullied reputation did not deserve further condemnation and one hopes his face finds black whenever the mumbaikar desires. In Rajasthan and other parts of the country Vasundhara raje and Lal Krishna Advani have found the Mumbai terror saga too tempting to ignore at election meetings or party bashing conferences and have unabashedly begun the moronic political exercise to derive maximum advantage out of Mumbai’s grief. This despite the angry demands of countrymen to desist from doing so.

While all of us are rendered numb by this terror butchery, our politicians are finding it hard to conceal their wicked colors. While the media exposed their frailties for sensationalizing issues in which the common man is sacrificed, urging them to keep away, there seems to be no lessons learnt. Instead of coming together and planning a no-holds-barred action plan at eliminating the terror menace, at a time when we are facing our worst challenge the political gamesmanship does not seem to end. There is no demand for a revamp of the organizational or institutional change to tackle terrorism. The resignations and rotation of chairs seems to be their only chronic answer to every malaise . There seems to be a lackluster approach towards twisting Pakistan’s dirty arms and influencing the west of the enraged feeling in our country which is as similar to the feeling in the US in the aftermath of 9/11. However we all know how the US treated terror after 9/11. They are now in complete control.What about us? Can we confidently claim complete control? Or mumble our hypocrisy blatantly? The problem with our politicians is that they are used to “chalta hai” which will take many of us faster to our graves than our life insurers think.

Our main worry in today's India is therefore our politician and his crooked callousness which is putting the lives of all Indians on the line. Like a brilliant SMS floated the message “ we don’t have to worry about the people who came by boat. Rather we need to be worried about the people who came by vote”.